Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Endangered Species Day...last week

Wow, so I missed that boat of celebration, didn't I. Oh well, it is a "get in line" list of things I forget on a daily basis.

It is funny that I have more time to be creative, yet I forget more things and fill my time with non-creative things. A bit frustrated right now I guess.

We went to the Sacramento Zoo last night, they have a new Conservation Carousel. It was over 100 degrees here yesterday, and last night it cooled down beautifully while we walked around. I love being around animals, I wish I could do more than just look at them.

Part of me always feels sad about the animals in the zoo, like they are truly missing out on life. I try to justify that they are the educators of their kind. They allow people to connect to a species, to learn about them, and therefore care.

I am also frustrated that there is a lack of support for my book at zoo's. I can't understand it. It is a unique and educational book on endangered species and yet, I have only one zoo that I know of, that has picked it up for their gift shop. If there are other zoos that have picked it up that I don't know of, I apologize in advance.

I have tried to set up book signings at several zoo's, but no one is interested.

Who ever wrote "good things come to those who wait," ugh! How long do I have to wait? I sound like my daughter right now and it makes me laugh.

Several people have told me that I can't make it as an artist and author; make a living I should say. I really want to prove them wrong. I see people around me that make it happen, why can't I?

Okay, enough of a pity party! There are thousands of people and creatures that have things worthy of complaints. That ought to keep my feelings in perspective.

I do have a wonderful link exchange with a Rainforest Conservation site, check them out http://kids.mongabay.com/

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Review

My publisher sent me a link to one of the most beautiful reviews of my book. I was in tears when I read it. I hope who ever visits my blog, goes to visit, http://www.bookloons.com/cgi-bin/Review.asp?bookid=11044

:) Rachel