Saturday, November 30, 2013

Folk Art Painting

Acrylic - 4th Grader
This Kid's Art Workshop embraced layering. As I watched the classes I was surprised by how uncomfortable layering was for most of the students. The idea of painting something like the shape of a house and then painting over part of it with the trunk of a tree was difficult. Some students left a hole in their drawing for the trunk of the tree. It was fascinating. 

I remember as a young painter studying paintings as if they were puzzle pieces or that I had to break my idea into a coloring page to fill in. Layering paint was a foreign concept. I'm so happy to expose my young artists to this painting technique. And look at the wonderful results.

Acrylic - 3rd Grader

Acrylic - 2nd Grader

Acrylic - 4th Grader

Acrylic - 4th Grader

Acrylic - 6th Grader

Acrylic  - 4th Grader