Monday, September 26, 2011

I Hooked a Teen!

I can't believe it. I hooked a teen! Thank you Brenda Drake for the contest opportunity.

I'm so excited. To have a seasoned, well-read, well-written teen enjoy my first 250 words is so cool. Of course my writing partner had to let me know, since I was.....painting! Yes, I got my butt in gear and painted today. 

Okay, so those of you who weren't at this contest and are writers, check out this resource, Teen Eyes Editorial Services. Smart young women!

I'll update and let you all know how my critique goes from Kate. I have to decide whether to have her critique my query + ten pages, or 20,000 words. Decisions, decisions. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can you Hook a Teen - Blogfest Contest

First 250 Words
Title: The Lion Within
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
By: Rachel A. Dillon

Insects were scattered across the outside of the shower curtain. Renna ignored them, and focused on the inconsistent stream of water splashing her head. The shower would only last a few minutes, and her lengthy mane of hair took most of the water to clean. She had her mother’s thick locks, and despite the inconvenience, she wouldn’t dream of cutting it short. Every time she brushed it she reminded herself, like a mantra, she wasn’t her mother. Only five more showers in Kenya, she thought, and then she, and her dad, would return to California to start her junior year in high school.

The last soap suds rinsed away just before the water ran out. After two years in Africa, Renna had the timing down to the second. She grabbed her towel and tapped the curtain. Bugs took to the air or fell to the ground. All but one departed, an insect the size of Renna’s pointer finger. She tried to flick the straggler off multiple times but it wouldn’t budge. With her usual curiosity she moved to the other side of the curtain to take a closer look. The beetle was bright purple with long antennae. She’d never seen one like it. She leaned in to admire its textures. Paper thin, iridescent wings were folded across its flat back.

It tilted its head to look at her and then took flight, bouncing off her cheek.

Startled, Renna shrieked, and fell backwards hitting her funny bone against the wooden divider 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Couple of Writing Contests

Here are a couple of writing contests I'm putting on my calendar:) Great motivators and since I can't keep anything straight on my calendar, this blog is a reminder place for me.

Operation Awesome Mystery Agent- September 15 - usually a one sentence pitch, but I've only entered a couple of times. I'm sure some of my fellow writer friends know more about this.

Brenda Drake's - Can you Hook a Teen? Blogfest Contest - First 250 words of your YA or MG, Sept. 21-23

Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Resource Batman!

I follow a lot of blogs, not daily, but often enough to realize when one of my favorites hasn't updated in three weeks. I'm talking about the old blog for the Guide to Literary Agents. So, I went-a-searchin'. The URL indeed had changed and when I linked to the new one, HOLY RESOURCE BATMAN!

I came across a great article about 6 Keys to Revising Your Fiction, by Kristina McBride. What is also cool is along the right hand side of this blog is a blog roll that lists oodles of Agent blog sites. 

And now that I'm getting into Twitter (yes, a little late in the game,) I'm going to see how many agents tweet and try to follow those too. I've been told by several other writers that I need to know twitter, sigh, so I signed up this week.