Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Resource Batman!

I follow a lot of blogs, not daily, but often enough to realize when one of my favorites hasn't updated in three weeks. I'm talking about the old blog for the Guide to Literary Agents. So, I went-a-searchin'. The URL indeed had changed and when I linked to the new one, HOLY RESOURCE BATMAN!

I came across a great article about 6 Keys to Revising Your Fiction, by Kristina McBride. What is also cool is along the right hand side of this blog is a blog roll that lists oodles of Agent blog sites. 

And now that I'm getting into Twitter (yes, a little late in the game,) I'm going to see how many agents tweet and try to follow those too. I've been told by several other writers that I need to know twitter, sigh, so I signed up this week.


Angelica R. Jackson said...

If you go to anyone's twitter profile, there is a tab for lists. If you pull the tab down, there should be an option for "Follow this list". So if you find one agent that tweets a lot, odds are they might already have established a list of other agents that also tweet frequently. That's an easy way to quickly find some good agents to follow.

Right now, I'm following enough agents to set up a separate list but haven't done it yet. But if you go to my profile and click on following you'll see lots of familiar agent names.

Christina Mercer said...

I love Guide to Literary Agents, and even stalk, er, I mean Facebook and Twitter the editor, Chuck Sambuchino.

Yes, Twitter is also great. And I can attest to Angelica's helpful list, as that's where I got my start ;-D