Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Opposites

The holidays are so much fun! They are so stressful! I love spending money I don't have! My emotions scatter across the board. Truly, I do love the holidays, especially with kids who make it so magical. I finished my shopping today and I am one of those strange people that love to wrap presents. 

I was in my daughter's classroom today where the children shared traditions and recipes. Of course this discussion raised the questions of my own traditions during the holidays and what I'm passing on to my kids. It also makes we wonder what new traditions we should start. There are the regular traditions - making cookies (hundreds and hundreds of them,) watching holiday shows, being glad we don't have snow. 

Okay, I've just bored myself with my own writing. The one thing I haven't been doing in all this madness is write and paint. We'll see if having time to do those things, which is one of my Christmas wishes, actually happens.
My wish is for health and happiness:)