Saturday, September 26, 2009

Julia & Julie Movie

We went and saw "Julia & Julie," tonight. I feel envious, because jealous is an ugly word. There are so many people that want to write for a living. Competition is everywhere. The moment I think, "my idea is the first of its kind, no one has thought of this," I should laugh at myself. There are thousands of people that submit their "one-of-a-kind" ideas to agents and publishers everyday.

There is a scene at the end of the movie where Julie has 65 messages on her answering machine. They are from agents, publishers, television people, and movie people guaranteeing her success. Wow, to create something so valuable to others that they practically fight over it.

Stephanie Meyer from "Twilight," was successful with in around nine months of submitting.

I guess what might make my idea just a bit different than someone else is if I incorporate things into my writing that no one else has experienced. My story is different than another's, therefore everyone has a unique point of view. Huh, a ray of hope.

I have three book projects going and I am not making a living as a writer or an artist. Now is the time when bringing money in by doing what I love would sure come in handy. My daughter is in need of some new tap shoes.

These are glances at situations that are phenomenal and rare and I need to remember that. I am grateful that I am even published. I guess I have the gotta-make-it-as-a-writer-so-I-can-stay-home hovering over my head.

The one nice thing about N. California is that there are plenty of writers to learn from. My critique groups are already helping me with my Young Adult Novel. Yes, I will have a ton of work ahead of me and I'm not quite sure how long it will take me, but at the end of it I LOVE my heroine and she is worth it.

I am almost done with the poetry for my next endangered species book. I will get the facts together and then see if my publisher wants it. The animals in it are amazing and I can't wait to do paintings of them.

My other children's book, which is fiction fantasy about missing socks is truly ready to go. I am going to send it out next week and see what happens.

I love writing. I may not be a great speller, and I may not be the best with grammar (incedently, without spellcheck I would have spelled it grammer), but I love to write.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Through Desert Eyes

I am almost 1/3 of the way done with my first draft of "Through Desert Eyes." I am so excited to be working on this project. I have narrowed down my choices for the species in the book and I am learning about each wonderful and unique species.

Of course as I learn about the species I am filled with sadness. But, it only motivates me more to continue educating kids about how each species has a purpose and write more books to help.

On our way home today, we drove through a neighborhood and saw a bobcat or lynx run across the street. I am not sure which is native to this area. It was beautiful and healthy, but I worry for it. This cat is surrounded by cars, houses and is near a school. It is only a matter of time that it disappears.

Habitat loss is such a key ingredient to the loss of a species. There are so many dependent on specific areas and once their home is gone, there is little hope for their survival.