Sunday, November 18, 2012

Value ART ELEMENT - Elementary Art Project

Artwork Provided by a Kindergarten Student 
This Project was split between two class periods. The goal was to introduce students to the effect color value has on the mood of a piece of art. 

I was very specific on their colors, separating the light colored pencils from the dark colors so they weren't confused. 

Artwork Provided by a Third Grade Student

I drew the butterfly on a computer with Adobe Illustrator and printed it on card stock two-up so that each butterfly could be completed in a class period.

I encouraged the students to create patterns in the wings of the butterflies. When asked if they felt a certain way while working on each piece, quite a few mentioned they felt happier working with the light colors. I know that the colors effected me when I produced the sample. I was much happier working with the lighter colors.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Christopher Vogler and The Writers Journey

Vogler opened with, "The world is all about vibrations."

It's important as writers, its our job, to write words that cause our readers to have a physical and emotional response. Whether it be tension in the gut, causing someone to hold their breath, or feel a tightening in their throats, our readers need more than emotion they need their body to respond to the situation our characters are experiencing.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seattle Writers Workshop

I'm in Seattle for a four day writing workshop. I think it's amazing to be at an age where my vacation time is spent learning. 

My kids can't wait to be done with school and homework and here I am begging to learn.

I'll take this opportunity to enter my workshop highlights in my blog.

The speakers at the Story Masters workshop are: Christopher Vogler, James Scott Bell, and Donald Maass.