Saturday, August 25, 2012

Impatiently Waiting

Kindergartners + tasks = impatience and excitement. 
Writing + submitting to agents = impatience and excitement. 

I see a pattern. So what do Kindergartners have in common with writers that want to be published traditionally? Turns out, a lot.  

The Task...Designing the Portfolio cover

Kindergartners reaction to this project depended on the child. But, I can tell you my general observations. Once the crayons were in hand it was hard to get the kids to put them down. Sound familiar when you get into a writing groove?

Along the way, I interrupted the children's progress on their project to have them add three important elements: name, year, and a silly bunny drawing. Some listened and executed the instructions incredibly well. Some didn't hear a word I said and were lost in their own world, which meant they wrote their name upside down on their portfolio. I could say the latter must be the type of writer that might drive a agent crazy or critique partners. 

By the end of the project, the kid's were sad to wrap it up. I noticed how unique their designs were. Some were frustrated, some satisfied, and all had a level of impatience along the way.

I can relate to them. I think when we want something so bad, it's hard not to check your email a hundred times a day, waiting for those golden words--"I love what you've written, can you send me more?" I know I'm anxious for that day to come, almost as anxious as a kindergartner with a crayon in their hand.

My blog post was inspired by  Rachelle Gardner and her article regarding impatience

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bouncing Ball of Life

Big changes can be scary. 

Several years ago, I found myself wanting two big things in my life. The first was to be there more for my kids, I felt like I missed too much working full-time. So, I left my job and we downsized - big time. 

I let the ball bounce and waited to see if the second big thing I wanted could happen--finding a career doing something I loved. I didn't get a magnifying glass. I really didn't search the net. I simply listened. What I found was my love of teaching art to kids.

I'm surrounded by kids and their creativity, offering them a chance to explore who they are through art. Magically, I've become a better artist and writer because of the children I work with. 

This coming Monday, I embark on a new journey, teaching art at a private elementary school, and I can't wait! Knowing that I might make a difference in someone's life by offering them a chance to find something within themselves they never knew existed, is exciting. It's worth jumping up and down over.

I may lose some hair while adjusting, but I'm excited anyway.I think having a new responsibility will help me manage my time better and achieve more of my writing and illustration goals. And who knows, maybe the next Degas will be in one of my classes:)