Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Rocky Tale of Dio Franklin

This month I’m participating in Deana Barnhart’s “Gearin’ Up to Get an Agent” Blogfest (to learn more visit This week’s assignment is to continue a story chain that started at 5am today and will continue until 8am tomorrow! Below you’ll find the link to the writer that posted before me, my continuation, then the writer that continued what I wrote. It is cool to see what each talented writer brings to the story! The full collaboration will be posted tomorrow at Deana's site, linked above.
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My assignment: Take the previous post and continue building tension toward the crisis.Your words are: type, blood, jacked up

Dio wondered if the blue ghost was influencing her emotions. Sad thoughts filled her head about death, sickness, and starving animals.

Roddern spoke to the ghost, that floated between the two of them. Dio couldn't understand a word Roddern was saying.

"What language are you speaking?" she said, interrupting him. 

The ghost turned to her, looking more like a vision of her father now rather than an indistinguishable blue figure.

Dio took a step back. "What type of trickery is this?"

"This isn't a trick. Your parents are here, Dio. Your father's ghost can only speak the language of the dead, which I'm fluent in. Your mother sent him here to make sure you were safe."

"You're fluent in dead?" She asked, looking at Roddern like he was jacked up on something.

"It's in my blood," Roddern said.

Dio didn't know how to respond. Her world was turning stranger and stranger. The floating spectacle that looked every bit like her father gave her a sad smile. Her heart softened and she took a deep breath. "Can you ask him why my mother didn't come too?"

"I already know the answer," Roddern said.

He came closer to Dio and looked at his feet before meeting her  gaze. "You're mother couldn't come...because she is trapped."

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Loralie Hall said...

Oh, it gave me chills ^_^ Love the cliffhanger and the implication that her parents are both really dead. Great job with the suspense

Angie Cothran said...

Language of the dead! Nice :)

Alleged Author said...

Ooooh! Cool plot twist trapping the mother.

lindy said...

Yikes! Her mom is trapped?-tell me more!

"You're fluent in dead?" --now that had me laughing out loud! Way too funny!

Christina Mercer said...

Love how you carried through with the ghost! And the end hook has me eager to continue ;-))

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Dead or not dead. That is the question.

Lora R. Rivera said...

Great twist with the trapped! I think I messed up with the time, but no worries. An Alleged Author came through for us! :D

Siv Maria said...

Ha ha this is great, speaks the language of the dead now does he? Rodderen is turning out to be quite the character. Great twist on the story!

Andrea Mack said...

I love that line about her world turning stranger and stranger!

Anonymous said...

Great interaction between the characters and I LOVE the way you made the blue ghost look like her father:)

amy kennedy said...

Bwahahaha! He's fluent in Dead -- how great is that? And a trapped mother, fabulous.

JRo - Jaye Robin Brown said...

"You're fluent in dead?" totally cracked me up - this story just keeps twisting tighter! Great job.

Kristi Bernard said...

Love the way its heading.

Stephanie said...

Chilling, and the language of the dead is a great touch.