Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coffee Cup Painting - ARTitude Workshop for Kids

The coffee cup acrylic paintings were so much fun. I had eight girls all between 11-12 years old in this workshop.

I gave them my example and they each ran with it. I love that all of their color choices were different, their designs were different, their coffee cup shapes were different. And the best part, they all seemed to have a blast doing this project.

Things that I learned to explain better:
1) The importance of layering color. We had to do two coats on the background, and two coats on the cups. Using a hair dryer to speed up the process only makes the paint crack.
2) Using color as an outline. This is supposed to be a flat painting, without shading or depth.
3) Practicing drawing the cup shapes was important before doing it on the canvas paper.

I'm planning on repeating this project tomorrow. I look forward to seeing the unique results and posting those next week.

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Christina Mercer said...

So cool! I love the curvy one, it's whimsical ;-)