Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No word from my publisher

No word yet from my publisher:( It has been at least two weeks since I submitted my content to the designer and editor. It takes a LONG time to get published. I started writing the book "Through Endangered Eyes" in 2002.

I submitted to 3 publishers in 2003. With 2 illustrations and all of my text for nine species + human.

My first publisher, Stemmer House, sent me a contract in 2004. They asked me in 2005 to take the book from 9 species, to twenty. I completed the book (about draft number 5) in 2006.

My first editor, Craig Thorn sadly passed away in 2006:(

I was released from my contract from Stemmer House in February 2007. After which, I submitted to 14 publishers. I lost count of rejections.

My knight in shining armor, Al Kryson, called me in February 2008, wanting my book! I signed the contract with them that month.

A new draft, with their suggested changes was sent to them in April 2008.

In August, they discovered that they needed the book to go from 57 pages to 64 pages. So, I created an opening page, added the polar bear, a to the parents page, and a for the teachers page. That was submitted in September 2008.

Now, the wait continues for the next step in this process. Patience must be a virtue in this process...

:) Rachel

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