Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progress with the book!

Hooray! I have been working with the designer at Finney Co. The words preparing for "print"! oh my gosh, have actually been spoken.

We had a couple file glitches and a graphic saved at a low resolution. Thanks to , the 85MB file of the zebras was uploaded and fast. I love our new internet connection - lightening fast!

The publisher mentioned a Spring time release. Nature books are best released at that time, which makes total sense! So, I am thinking March or April? Wouldn't that be great? Six years in the making. To have it real is surreal.

I feel really positive though about Finney Co. They are a great team! I am looking forward to starting the next book, although I am applying for a Masters program to start next fall. We shall see how art continues to be a more significant part of my life.

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