Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More editorial changes

I just completed a bunch of changes to the book. The editor emailed a list of 13 items in question. Glancing at the list was a bit daunting. Five to six hours later I completed the list of changes and emailed it all back to the editor.

All I can say is that the book is even better than before. It is amazing that when I think it is done, the editor still finds ways to improve it. Although, I am ready for the last edits to be done, so we can get the book done. I have probably gone through at least a dozen drafts of this book.

I am anxious to be done. It has been such a long time and long process! But, I want the Caldecott Award. Can you imagine how many would hear about my book? Can you imagine the discussions the book will create? Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring the issue of endangered species to the forefront of children education and reading. An award like the Caldecott would help make that happen. Even in a small way maybe my book can help to change the world.

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Jim Cole said...


Congrats on your long and soon to be successful publishing journey. I'm sure the book will be a huge hit as the writing and wildlife paintings are absolutely world class. Finally, congrats on setting up a blog, the innerworkings of which, totally elude me.

Jim Cole