Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great idea to blog animal updates

I had a nice chat with my dad today about writing some updates as I learn about species in my book. What a great idea dad, thanks!

So, an update....the Channel Island Fox - I learned that there is a lot to being done to try to help remaining population of fox. A brilliant plan has come into play. To summarize, it seems that they [rangers and such] are capturing Golden Eagles from the Channel Islands and relocating them off the island. Then, they have started to bring back the Bald Eagles as the leading bird of pray.

If you don't have my book, the Channel Islands used to have a population of Bald Eagles that prefer fish over anything. When the Bald Eagles disappeared from the islands, which is another story, the Golden Eagles moved in, and prefered the fox as food.

Okay, you might need to go to my book to understand the rest, or go to one of the Channel Island Fox web sites to learn more about them...

Most of the species for my next book have been chosen. I hope to have text for it done in the next six months. We will see where we go from there.

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