Friday, February 6, 2009

Marketing, marketing, marketing

Between Finney and myself, we are going to make 3,000 books sell in six months, despite the economy! I just had someone write their first review on It was so touching and I felt like shouting "yes!" they understand my book, my hope, my motivation to write and paint.

Next week I am going to read my book to my son's pre-school class. I need to practice, so that when I go in front of a group I don't know, I am prepared for questions and answers. Then, in two weeks I will go around my daughter's school and do the same process.

I am trying to establish some signing events around town, but haven't been successful yet. I will keep trying though. I had patience (at least tried) during the past six years creating this book; now I need to have patience as it will take time to get events and signings.

This past week has been pretty exciting!

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