Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth by Disney Nature

Tonight me and my family went to the premier of "Earth." I left the theater with tears streaming down my face, and then cried for half an hour. Part of me was in awe of the incredible footage and timelapse photography. The other part of me felt dispair, hopelessness and sorrow. The earth is changing so rapidly many species can't keep up.

Just like my book, the truth was not sugar-coated. It was placed before the audience, plain as day, the earth is in serious trouble.

My hopelessness is hard to swallow, because I want so badly to believe that we can make a difference in the world; we can change what is happening to our planet. The dispair I feel is simple, if I care so much and make only a small difference, then how can millions of people, that don't care, change?

How can I get a louder voice? How can we get people to change? How can I do more? How can my book get to the front of a bigger audience than even Disney reaches?

I put these questions out there, not to neccessarily get the answers, but rather to process it and find my own solutions. I have at least started the process of change by getting my book published. Now it just needs to be picked up my moms, kids and teachers all over the world.

I worry that the only way many people will change is when the Polar Bear comes knocking on their door, begging for food.

I will be analyzing my habits and figuring out what I can change, to minimize my footprint. We started a garden this weekend to celebrate Earth Day, I have to continue to believe that it is the little things that make a difference in the world, otherwise my dispair will slow my process down.

I recommend to anyone that views this blog to go and see "Earth," it is in the theaters as of April 22nd.

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