Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hooray for Flagstaff

So many wonderful events in such a short time. My head is still spinning from the excitement. All of the events in Flagstaff sold over 60 books. I have also had the opportunity to experience different ages in classes, upto sixth grade. It has been interesting figuring out how to change my presentation of the book based on age of the audience.

One presentation at a pre-k to kindergarten classroom offered their tape measure to use. I like to show the kids how big the Mekong Giant Catfish can grow to. The tape measure only went to two feet. A Mekong giant catfish can grow up to 10 feet long. So, I had to think fast at how to demonstrate the size. I saw that two small kids standing shoulder to shoulder measured about two feet. I asked if eight more volunteers could join me and stand next to each other. When we were done compiling our long line, I said "now this is the size of the fish." It was such a great way to show it to the kids, and they loved it!

I'll share more of my experiences over the next couple of days. My events slow down, and that will offer a little more sharing time in my blog!

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