Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Rejection...

I have decided to document my submission process for my young adult novel. Part of me finds this cleansing and part of me just wants to keep track of where I am submitting, since I can't stand maintaining spreadsheets.

Within 24 hours, I received my first rejection. I submitted a query letter to the Nelson Literary Agency, and received a nice canned, "nope."

I have been trained to take criticism, it's part of being an artist and graphic designer. I received over a dozen rejection letters when I submitted, "Through Endangered Eyes." (TEE)

Rejections still hurt, whether I am used to it or not. I remember when I was submitting TEE the first time and thought the one publisher I chose was PERFECT! When I received that rejection letter, ugh, it felt like someone has spooned out part of my heart.

Well, here I go again. I got a similar feeling about this agency. I thought, after reading their Web site and blog, "why would they not take my Young Adult (YA) novel, it is PERFECT!" Ha! That kind of cockiness will get me no where.

I really love my YA and my heroine. I believe that it is a good book. I want to prove to those that don't think I can make it as an author and artist, that I can. I want to prove it to myself too, but the doubting mustafa's are really putting the fire in my belly.

So, I am off to put myself in another vulnerable place over the next couple of weeks. I will be submitting to at least six agencies and just as many publishers. ---Sigh, may the force be with me.

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