Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emerald Cage

Before my battery runs out on my computer, I thought I would start to track my process with my latest writing project.

I completed the first draft of my Young Adult novel, Emerald Cage (working title,) last week. It is around 60,000 words and I had such a blast writing it.

I started writing my outline on Mother's Day of this year. The story has just flowed for me. I have been so surprised at how quickly it moved from my mind to pages.

I am almost done with my edits of the first draft and have polished the first three chapters. It is all in preparation of submitting to agents and editors. This genre is a whole new world for me.

I submitted to an Agency in Denver and will now start the waiting game.

I have to believe that I can do what I love for a living. I want to be a writer and an artist. My goal is to be successful enough that I don't ever have to be an employer or an employee again. I can work from home, at my own hours and pace. Doesn't that sound fabulous?

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