Friday, June 26, 2009

Small Successes

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to read to over 80 kids in Folsom's Vacation Zone camp. They were really great listeners. I introduced, with volunteers and a tape measure:

1) The length a snow leopard can jump - 40 feet
2) How many muscles are in an African Elephant trunk - 100,000
3) The length of a humpback whale tail - 15 feet
4) The length of a Mekong Giant Catfish - 10 feet
5) The wingspan of a Comoro Black Flying Fox - 4 feet

It was fun to bring in new measurements, especially since there were a few kids that had heard my presentation before.

The weekend signing at the Discovery Museum went pretty well. It was a beautiful weekend and Father's day, so the turn out was a tad disappointing. Those that did come were so nice and the volunteers and staff at the museum were wonderful!

The museum pulled out some confiscated skins from illegal trading from their collection and put them on display. My heart caught in my throat when I walked into the room. It was very powerful.

It really helped bring home the message of my book. The skins helped me start conversations with people and share facts of those species that were in my book.
I handed out bookmarks and brought in some of the original artwork for the visitors to see. I was also able to do a few readings to kids.
I asked the coordinator if I could come back once a quarter to help them sell my books, it was such a great experience.

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