Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Passion is an Inspiring Emotion

I went to the Folsom Arts Association tonight. I haven't been able to attend for quite a while and I was glad to go tonight. There were two speakers this evening, both filled with passion about their topic. Passion is a rare emotion, or at least it's an emotion I infrequently see in people. When I do, I smile and feel such excitement that there are people out there in love with something.

The first speaker was a teacher. She established a Montessori School in Malawi, Africa. Every ounce of her being was filled with a passion to help the people of Malawi through education. Learning is a powerful gift to give. I felt lucky to hear her speak. I gave her three of my books hoping they would add to her school.

The other speaker was Valrie Jensen. She spoke about composition of art and how it relates to a fundamental concept - the golden rectangle. She demonstrated how natural lines are in nature and how comfortable humans are in relating to visual spaces that have relationships. It really made me think about the fact that I often don't think about where I place things on a canvas. I think I naturally put things in places. Just think about how powerful I could be visually if I really thought about composition.

I am spending some time right now editing my YA novel. I'll return this weekend to "Through Desert Eyes." I haven't heard back from anyone regarding "Where Missing Socks Go." Luckily, I am so busy with multiple projects, the waiting game isn't nearly as painful.