Monday, November 9, 2009

Upcoming events are motivating

My ultimate dream, other than safety for endangered species, is to be able to afford to be home for my kids and write and paint. It appears to be a difficult thing to achieve.

Thus, having events that allow me to talk to kids about animals really pumps me up! This weekend I'll be at a book signing at a Borders in Roseville; and then an art/science event at the Discovery Museum of Sacramento. I really enjoy this part of being an author.

But, the looming deadline of getting a "real" job does seem inevitable. I know I can still create and write, after all I did "Through Endangered Eyes," while working full time and having two babies. Yet it is hard to imagine going back to an office and being away from my kids that much again.

Rejections do this to me. I assess, question and doubt my abilities as an artist. It isn't easy to achieve what J.K. Rowling & Stephanie Meyer have in children's literature. I know they both got rejections too, but it doesn't make me feel better knowing that.

On a happy note, I plan to send out my first draft of "Through Desert Eyes," at the end of this month.

I am submitting a short story to a magazine and contest.

I am submitting the first three chapters of my re-written young adult novel to an editor by Nov. 24th.

And my notebook is being filled with ideas for other story lines!

Just call me roller coaster.