Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update on projects

I am almost done with the factual text for "Through Desert Eyes." I am going to try to finish it up over next week's break.

I have a renewed fire for my young adult novel. I have re-written chapters one and two, with a lot of confidence. I am thinking of changing the title to "Peridot Cage," since the color of a Peridot stone matches my protagonists' eyes. I am thinking of submitting the first three chapters again to agents, maybe by the end of December. I really want to polish them first and the critique groups I am in give invaluable comments and suggestions.

I am considering writing a middle grade or young reader book on a series of horse stories, based off my own history.

I have picked up some graphic design accounts and will be working on those projects. It's great, but will slow my writing process down a bit.

My guess is that my funny book about missing socks won't get picked up, based on the rejections I've received, but that is okay. It was a great exercise, so I don't feel bad about it.

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