Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Events of the weekend

The event at the Roseville Borders was a lot of fun. The staff there was so nice and the people I met were interesting. I love doing these events and meeting people.

One woman stopped me, after buying my book, and told me how moved she was by my words. She told me she didn't know why she felt like crying, but was grateful for the feeling and the connection. She then asked for a hug, as her little boy watched. It was such a sweet moment.

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon at the Discovery Museum at Sacramento. This is my second event with them, and I hope to do many more. I brought paint and cards for kids to do dot paintings. Some kids got started and didn't want to leave after twenty minutes. Their parents shrugged, surprised at their enthusiasm. While the kids were painting, I talked about the endangered animals from the book. It was so fun! Next time I will bring some music though, it makes such a difference in the creative process.

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