Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting with the Daisy Girlscouts

I have been having a lot of fun traveling to classrooms and other venues talking about my book and art. Each visit and group have just as much to teach me about my process as I have to teach them.

I created outlines in Adobe Illustrator of four different illustrations from my book, the vaquita, tiger, panda and corroborree frog. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THESE IF YOU WANT TO TRY DOTTING!
It seems I can categorize the kids I work with in three groups. One group is so excited and patient that their focus is unbreakable; a second group of students do a few dots and can't stand it, so they end up spreading the paint and forgetting the dots; the third group have some patience but do a sprinkling of dots anxious to work on their next project. I love when the kids surprise me with their creations.

I am more prepared for all levels of patience, and I am finding ways to hold their interest. One cool thing is how some of the parents that walk around and help out steal a bit of time to paint in dots - a most seem to love it. I love the comments, "it is so relaxing," "almost meditative." I completely agree!

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