Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspired by my Past

I'm writing a kissing scene in my young adult novel, and being as old as I am, needed some reminders of how it felt to be a teen kissing. And what a better resource than myself. Confused yet?

I have been a prolific journaler since I was twelve and I've saved them all. Interestingly, I didn't write much about my family life, but I did write about the boys I had crushes on.

I spent over an hour reading some of my high school journals last night and learned a lot about myself back then. I was horribly insecure. The only way I felt good about myself was through a boy. Maybe this is why I can't stand Bella's character in Twilight-- it rings home. I did read some good kissing stuff though to help me with my character.

A surprise for me as I read, was how much poetry I wrote. I knew that was a part of how I expressed my emotions, but forgot how many I wrote and how intense they were. I thought I would post one of the poems I wrote when I was 17. Me and my best friend in the world stopped being friends.

Lost Treasure

I wish to write something of gold.
A treasure found warm and bright.
A treasure, something like a friendship.
You see gold in the sky, in the sun, in the stars.
It is of the rarest kind, so when you lose it,
it will be forever difficult to find.
It is valuable, so nothing will ever be good enough
to replace it.
You are gold Lisa, of the rarest beauty,
and quality there is.
You are valuable to the heart,
a lost treasure.

Impressive for a kid, I must say.

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Angelica R. Jackson said...

I like your poem, maybe Lisa will see it and send you a facebook friend invite.;)

I was just thinking along similar lines today, about a little book I carried around in my teens called "Life's Feelings." Yes, really. It had pages of song lyrics (some of my own, and some by others that I thought captured life's feelings very well) and lots of angst-y poetry.