Monday, July 19, 2010


I just returned from my first writer's workshop. It was held by SCBWI, a great organization, on the beautiful campus of Dominican University, San Rafael, CA.

The four faculty members were, Jill Corcoran from the Herman Agency; Andrea Welch, editor for Beach Lane Books; Kathleen Duey, author of Skin Hunger; and a wonderful woman, Martha Alderson, author of Blockbuster Plots. After we were barraged with information to help us improve our craft, the faculty hung out at night and simply talked with those of us that stayed for the weekend.

No matter where we were on the totem pole: writer wishing to be author, author wanting to publish next book, agent wanting to find talent and help their clients reach the esteemed editor, or editor wanting to find a fresh voice, we all had one thing in common - to add something to a child's life by providing them with good literature.

I noticed things around me I sometimes miss because I'm distracted. Thus the photo I have included above was one of those giggly moments when we walked by this tree at night and it looked like a bunny had hid easter eggs on it's limbs.

I also heard the most wonderful children's book, written by my friend Pat, that was so good we had to hear it twice in a row and then we talked about it the morning after. I can't wait for the published piece. I also hope my friend Pat, will write a book that made us laugh about her Border collie with Attendion Deficit - squirrel? - Disorder.

It was hard to be ripped apart by critique, but I believe I'll be a better writer for it.


Angelica R. Jackson said...

You mean it was harder than be critiqued by our group? So we can stop going easier on you?

Just kidding! Glad you got some helpful advice and information from it.

Promotional Items said...

I think all of us had this hidden talent inside of us waiting to be discovered. You should have a creative mind to write an interesting children’s book and that’s what I love about creative writers they can get inspiration from anywhere. I admired all authors and editors for their artistic prowess.

Christina Mercer said...

Thanks for reminding us that there is always magic to be found...especially in the trees! (My protag. Lia would sooo agree)

Yes, critiques can be grueling, but a good critique group is a wonderful thing. ;-))

I love your blog "decor", by the way!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I went on my blogger dashboard today and went, "Where did Children's Books by Rachel Allen Dillon" go? And what is this Easter Eggs thing?

The mystery is solved! Like the new look and personalization.