Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time can be Frozen...

...It's the only way Santa can do the impossible. 

Several times this past week I've thought about freezing time, the moment my son cuddled with me and told me I was the best mom ever, and when my daughter's smile lit up the stage at her dance show last weekend. A photo is not enough to contain a whole memory. The smells, the sounds, the touch, those fade away as time rushes forward.

I've been worrying so much about getting everyone's gifts out on time, that I've not taken as much time to enjoy the holiday season. I get flashes, like seeing the decorations that add a certain glow around our homes, or receiving a friendly happy holidays from someone I don't know. But the worry 
quickly returns and I think about all that I have to accomplish in so little time.

Time will run out though, to get presents to arrive before Christmas, and then I've lost the reason to worry. I can focus on the twinkle light at the end of the tunnel, the smiles opening presents will bring. My kids remind me that there's magic all around us, and really in the end the greatest gift is spending time with them.

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