Monday, April 8, 2013

Planning the Actual Art Auction Function

This is a reproduction of a Georgia O'Keefe piece.
I created it with oil pastels. My second graders will be
doing this collaborative piece. The final size is 22"x17".
Our art auction will be a silent one. It closes the night of the event, a dinner gala. To entice the families to attend, I'm exhibiting the artwork one month in advance from the actual function to get everyone excited about the event.

For the past two weeks I've been cutting mat board for all of the art work. I'm using glue stick to mount them. I tried the spray mount and it just didn't work as well. I've designed a poster, invitation and postcard, I'm just worried that I'm not getting it out early enough. I know how busy parents are and how fast their calendars fill up.

Matisse inspired Collaborative piece
I created in oil pastel. The kids will be
recreating a rectangle and I'll put them
together into one piece.

I'm creating labels that identify (especially on collaborative pieces) who did what part. I like the kids taking ownership and pride in their art. I'll create a separate page that displays all of the final work somehow. That could be another way to market it to parents. If I make a slide show or a page on Shutterfly that allowed parents to at least purchase a photo of a piece that seems like a good idea. Sometimes, a good writing brainstorm is what's needed.

Bottom line, doing this art auction is for a good cause, but it's a lot of work. I've spent many evening hours watching my favorite Gilmore Girls while I'm mounting artwork.  

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