Monday, September 2, 2013

ARTitude Painting Workshop Examples

Here are the types of examples a student might accomplish in a three hour painting workshop! They are all acrylic. The method is teaching the students to work their painting in layers, and not looking at a painting as though it is a flat paint by numbers project.

I create a new painting for each workshop, mostly because it is fun for me to create the example:) But I also create the example so that I know how to teach it. I love how giving students some boundaries help students stay focused so that they can explore their own unique take on a subject matter. It can be overwhelming for young minds to sit down and have to start something from scratch.

The students mix their own paints and draw their own piece, but are following an example, so every single painting is really an individual masterpiece.

During the painting process we discuss composition, variation, rhythm, balance and technique.

Fifth Grader
First Grader

Fifth Graders
Second Grader
Fifth Grader
Third Grader
Fourth Grader

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