Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Camp Success!

Van Gogh Inspired Acrylic Paintings

What a group to end my Art Camp summer. The palette colors in this session are subtle compared to previous sessions. The work turned out beautiful! My age range was first through sixth graders. My favorite experience for this week was watching the results of the Van Gogh inspired flower painting. We started with a blank paper canvas  and minimal direction. The only thing I told the kids was to draw the horizon and the vase. They picked and mixed their own colors, decided how many flowers and what the flowers were to look like. I did emphasize layering the paint. When the background dried then they did the vase. When the vase dried then they painted the stems. Then the flowers.

In between the drying acrylic layers we worked on the wood pile watercolor resistance painting. When I do my art painting workshops in the future, I'll continue that and people will end up with two completed pieces by the end of the class.

I overheard some parents during the art show laugh and say "Well this camp certainly wasn't about finger painting." I took it as a compliment. Depending on how things go, I want to do these camps again next summer, only twice as many and I'll do a bit of advertising to boot. There are so many starving young artists out there, starving to learn and create art. I feel a sense of joy knowing I can provide my experiences and practice to help them improve their skills and discover more about who they are through their artistic expression.

Reflection - Color Pencil, Watercolor
Fourth grader

Flower Vase, acrylics - Fifth Grader



Rooster, Watercolor Collage - Third Grader

Cupcake, watercolor pencils - Sixth Grader
Flower Vase, acrylics - Fourth Grader

Dinosaur Point of View, colored pencils - Fourth Grader

Woodpile, Watercolor, Crayon Resistance - Fourth Grader

Cupcake, watercolor pencils - First Grader
Flower Vase, acrylic - First Grader

Reflection, colored pencils, watercolor
Third Grader

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