Sunday, July 21, 2013

Session Three Art Camp

Four of my students and their week of creativity
Each art camp session bodes new and exciting creations. This past week I had a wonderful group of artists not only visually but verbally as well. When a glue stick ran out, one student said we should have a gluneral for it. Of course this idea stuck and so when a marker ran out we gave it a markuneral.

I know I've written before the glory of watching students explore who they are through their art, but every day I work with kids I'm reminded of it. Every child is different. How they see color, shape, design is different. Never is it right or wrong, it just is what it is and no one can help but be successful every day when they have that attitude.

So, enjoy this sampling of children's projects. One week and so much brightness and life!

Watercolor Pencils - 6th Grader

Marker and water - 1st Grader

Marker and water - 4th Grader

Acrylic Paint - 3rd Grader

Acrylic and Crayon - 2nd Grader

Watercolor and Salt Collage - 3rd Grader

Watercolor and Crayon and Glue - 6th Grader

Acrylic Paint - 4th Grader

Watercolor and Crayon - 1st Grader

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