Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Week's Art Camp

Wow. Kids are so creative. One of my favorite parts of working with students of all ages is when they alter and interpret a piece to make it all their own. You'll see repetitive works and yet how the students choose their colors, patterns, how dark they make something, how light, represents them. I always have an example of the project posted, a jumping point, and the fun is watching them add their personality often very tentatively. I usually get asked if it is okay to use a different color or set of lines from my example and that always brings a smile to my face.

I liked having boundaries to break when I started exploring my artistic talent. I firmly believe all artists need the basics to grow from and I tell my students that. So many think more is more, or I'm an artist I can ignore you and break all the rules. Well, yes, artists should break the rules, but they need to understand them first to break them better. Picasso broke all the rules, but he learned them first.

I become a better artist every day I nurture young artists. I'm lucky that way.

Amelia (4th grader) Watercolor, glue on the black crayon barrier 
Brian (5th grader) Watercolor, glue on the black crayon barrier

Gabriela (1st grader) Watercolor collage rooster

Grace (3rd grader) Acrylic (Mixing colors, learning
about warm vs. cool and compliments.)

Hayden (5th grade) Wave

Katelyn (2nd grade) Watercolor pencils

Katie (fourth grader)

This is my example for a marker project. The kids drew trees on
half a piece of paper then colored them with markers.
I sprayed it with water and folded it in half,
making the reflection. so cool.

Natalie (2nd grade) Crayon, colored pencil and oil pastels
on black construction paper. Inspired by Paul Klee.

Zoe (2nd grade) Rooster in a Boat

Keira (1st grade) Walter color pencils

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