Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art Camp Friday

Silly me to think I'd have time to post projects each night. My late night prepping, mounting and project creating, left took me to the wee hours. 

We had a very busy week, as shows in the display panels for the art show. I totally enjoyed watching the kids glow as they told their parents how they created their projects. 

As promised to my students, I am posting one piece from each of them. Here are my six other masterpiece makers from the week.

Aliah (4th grade) Mixing Acrylics and Painting Flowers

Katie G. (4th Grade) Mixing Colors

Julia (3rd grader) Watercolor Pencils and Patterns

Julia (3rd grader) Kandinsky inspired oil pastel

Naomi (Kindergarten) Watercolor pencils

Nick (4th grade) Tissue paper and glue

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