Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Art Camp Tuesday

Well, I have some extremely fun and talented artists in my first session summer art camp. I promised the students that I would post three pieces today. Everyone will get a chance to be on the blog. It's just fun to let the kids wonder who will be up on the site:)

The Proud Rooster by Emmy (11 years old) The students painted two sheets in watercolors and then drew the pieces over the paint, cut it out and pasted into a collage. I LOVE this project!

Perspective (Kat, 11 years old) This was teaching the kids about foreground and background. Getting students  to bleed off the edges of a paper is very challenging. I thought this was a great project to show the illusion of distance.

Reflection (Haley, 9 years old) Colored pencil on top, watercolor paint on the bottom, spectacular effect. Haley's piece is so vibrant in person. I love how she just let go in the reflection.

Hayden's Reflection (11 year old)

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