Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog Tour to start soon!

When asked if I wanted to do a blog tour, I thought, hmmm, what exactly is that? Gosh, I feel old.

My blog tour with is March 30-April 30th. I just got notice that I have two dates already established with blogs. That news excites me!

April 10th -

April 20th - Read These Books and Use Them:

I will spend some time on the blogs that have signed up; have mini interviews or book reviews. Each blog might want me to participate differently. It sounds really interesting to me. I'll write about any success I might achieve.

It is funny, I have three people signed up to look at my blog. I am not sure how many people actually view my blog. I wonder how many will see my blog during the tour. I only get about 100 unique visitors to my personal web site per month, I need it to be much higher to make it count for the book.

I should update my home page to show that I am selling artwork that goes with the book. High concept marketing, right? I just got a t-shirt with the image of the tiger on it. The tiger is on the cover of my book. I then added iron-on gems over some of the dots. I am going to wear it during readings and signings. It is cute, but boy was it expensive to create. I couldn't sell those at bulk. It cost about $20 just to make one shirt.

I am starting to fill my calendar, thankfully, with book events. The more I promote the book, the better. It has slowed my next book production down a bit. Author, Hope Marston gave me some advice. She said, "while you wait to get your book published, start the next one!" I'll definitely follow this advice in the future.

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