Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Signing

We sold 7 out of 10 books today at my first signing at a small local gift shop. I wasn't too sad, since every group that came in the store bought a book. So, if more people had wandered into the shop, then I would have probably sold more books.

I had a lovely time talking to people about my book. I am getting used to bringing it up in conversations. If this is going to be my living, I have to believe in myself and value what my book offers to others. I just don't like asking for money and don't want to boast. It is such a fine line in my mind.

I love to look over my shoulder after I have dropped my book off to shops for review, the people are drawn into the book. I have seen repeatedly people paging through the book instantly, mostly interested in the artwork. If I can get people to open the book with the art, inevitably they will read the words.

I do realize what a long road I have to travel in order to make a living as an author and artist. It is daunting. I am up to the challenge.

Recently, I got rejected for an MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Art. The rejection made me question if I am a "real artist." I guess I am a real artist, just not a "fine" artist. I need to keep working. I am going to try to video my next painting and post that on here.

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