Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the Classrooms

I wanted to start including some images as people read the book in other locations or places I visit. If you read my book at a school group, please email me your photo:)

The first photo is a Librarian in Ulladula, Australia NSW. My Aunt Nancy is a teacher in the elementary school and sent it to me. The group of Australian kids look so interested:)

The second photo I took today as the kids finished placing paper feathers on a drawing I did of a full-sized California Condor.The oooo's and ahhhh's are so great when I roll out the bird. The kids can't believe just how large the condor is. I hope to fill the bird with feathers placed on there by the different classes I present the book to.

Again, if you read my book in a school, send me a photo:)

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