Friday, August 20, 2010

Contest at Market my Words

Agent, Mary Kole from ABLit is reading through 140 character pitch submissions on Market my Words. Here is what I submitted for the contest on my YA novel WIP.

Renna’s mauled by a lion in Africa. His venom gives her body cat-abilities. Renna must lie, kill and die in order to find value in her life.


Angelica R. Jackson said...

This looks very cool! It looks like I kind of did that with my tiny teaser summary of my next book; it's 120 characters long.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

The one I ended up posting is:

After surviving a horrific attack, Isabelle seeks justice for her murdered friends—only to face a hanging as the killers accuse her in turn.

Still not enough room for the dratted ghosts!