Monday, August 17, 2009

Through Endangered Eyes picked

It is so cool when someone picks my book for something. Jim Agnew is featuring my book on his site today. I haven't heard of the site before and I am thankful he linked to "Through Endangered Eyes." Visit his Web site.

I will be working with Kim Zook from her blog she is starting a new e-zine that will feature some of my artwork and an interview about my book, it will be on the site I will keep my blog posted when that day arrives. It is a wonderful new site that focuses on mothers that are writers, and are interested in nurturing children's connection to nature. I am quite honored to be an upcoming feature on Kim's new site.

I got hooked on a funny picture book idea, so I finished up a first draft of it. It will be titled "Where Do Missing Socks Go?" I had a blast writing something light hearted and joyous.
Here is the opening line to the book...

"If you ask your parents
where the missing socks go?
My guess is they'll answer,
That they'd like to know.

I'll begin my publisher search for this one in September.

Now I have three projects in the wings:
1) Through Desert Eyes - drafting stage NF picture book for 4-9 year old
2) Emerald Cage - completed, looking for an agent or publisher, YA Fiction Novel Fantasy Romance 12 and up.
3) Where Do Missing Socks Go? - completed, Fiction for 3-7 year old

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