Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beauty of Critique

I joined a writers critique group a few months ago, not knowing what to expect from it. It has been wonderful. I have learned a lot in just a few meetings. One thing I have learned is how many people have a writer inside of them. I learn more about stories when I read others. I am going to another critique group that focuses on Young Adult novels. I hope to learn more about that genre by listening to others stories. I think the critique groups have motivated me to really try to become a writer - a teller of stories. More and more ideas for books keep popping into my head. It is great fun!

I will be printing out the next draft of my YA, "Emerald Cage," then do another edit. I think I might have jumped the gate in submitting it to agents already. I will get a critique back next month of my first 10 pages and to help prepare for my next set of submissions.

I have been reading the Bayern series written by Shannon Hale. It gives me inspiration and determination that my YA will get picked up sometime. I recommend the books, Hale is a great writer!

I tightened up my PB "Where Do Missing Socks Go!" I think it is ready for me to submit to publishers and agents in the next couple of weeks.

I started the outline for another fictional novel, but won't get started until I have completed the first draft of "Through Desert Eyes."

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