Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Through Desert Eyes

After months of writing, tweaking, research, even moving into a new house, I am finally ready to send out my "Through Desert Eyes," manuscript. Hooray!

I am only sending it to my publisher, Windward Publishing an imprint of Finney Company. I will be so excited if they want to take this project. I have been doing so much with "Through Endangered Eyes," that I can't wait to get another book out there to share with kids.

I am planning a trip to Arizona where I can photograph so many of the species I have chosen for my book. Being endangered, most of the species are hard to locate in the wild, so I'll have to depend on the Phoenix Zoo. My photographs will help my process in sketching out the images for the book. I learned the hard way with the first book that images need to harmonize with the words. I did many of the paintings first and then the poetry, two separate elements of art, not always relating to each other. This time, I am tightening the poetry and letting the words inspire the images.

I am still working on "Peridot Cage," mostly on the re-write, synopsis and 1.5 minute pitch.

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