Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aboriginal Acrylic Dot Painting Inspiration

Today I introduced my love for Australian Aboriginal Acrylic Dot Painting. I've studied this art form for years. It has been the inspiration of my own modified method of painting. When I introduce this technique I share examples of real Aboriginal paintings and photos of some of the incredible artists that produce unbelievable work. 

Each Student for this project had a few instructions to follow and then they were off on their own. 
1) Draw a simple outline of a lizard and paint it black.
2) Then paint around it with dots. They could use either the back end of the paint brush or a cotton swab.
3) They were told to explore color patterns and try to keep their dots consistent in size.

I was very proud of the results:

Acrylic - 6th Grader
Acrylic - 4th Grader

Acrylic - 4th Grader
Acrylic - 5th Grader 

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Dawn Wells said...

Well, this is a concern for almost every artist. I am also involved in Aboriginal Art and you tips are really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing them.