Monday, December 23, 2013

Inspired Monet Lily Pads - Oil Pastels

I've seen this project done multiple times on the internet, but I've never asked my students to try it until my latest art camp. These pieces are done with oil pastels.

Our first step is to do the background with oil pastels, creating the motion and softness of water. I encouraged them to use a white oil pastel for some of the color blending. Some students decided to use a cotton swab.

They then drew on a separate paper three or four lily pads of different sizes. They colored those in with oil pastels and then cut them out.

Their last step was to use a liquid glue to adhere both the lily pads and the tissue paper flowers as well. One student liked my bag of buttons and decided to make those the center of her flowers.

Oil Pastel/Collage - 2nd Grader 

Oil Pastel/Collage - 1st Grader

Oil Pastel/Collage - 8th Grader

Oil Pastel/Collage - 4th Grader

Oil Pastel/Collage - 1st Grader

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