Monday, June 7, 2010

Pin-up Advice from a Writer

I have been reading more and more what other writers have to say about writing. Wow, look at that sentence with no commas;) I found this quote on Nathan Bransford's site.

“Take risks. Think deeply. Care about what you write. Have the ego and non-gendered balls to think that your work is important. Write what moves you, what entertains you and sometimes, what pains you. Dig into the places in yourself that hurt the most and see what you find. Sometimes that’s where your book is hiding.”
Lisa Brackmann on the Writing Process and ROCK PAPER TIGER


Angelica R. Jackson said...

There should be three commas in that sentence! No, just kidding, really! Like the quote and the new look to the blog.

Other Lisa said...

I suck at commas. Seriously! Thank god for the wonderful editors at Soho Press!

Other Lisa

(AKA Lisa Brackmann)