Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Renna has just survived a lion attack...

Renna heard voices. Her eyelids felt too heavy to open as she lay next to something soft and warm. Her leg ached and pain shot throughout her body, making her twitch involuntarily.

“I found my baby. She was barely alive under a bush,” said a voice. “The humans are close. We should leave quickly. Is the girl going to survive?”

“Yes. I think she will be okay. I’ve cleaned the wound,” said a deep melodic voice. “I am glad your cub continues, thanks to this girl. Did our pride chase the male away?”

“It took ours and the neighboring one to do so. We ran him far past our outlying territories. He is a freak of nature,” said the first voice. “Do you think his bite will shift her?”

“She is making the change. She’s healing very fast, a sign described to me a long time ago,” said the deep voice. “I’m just glad we were able to steal her away from the dark male. He deserves death for destroying our young. We will need to recruit other prides to eliminate him for good or he will continue his mindless killing.”

“We need to go. The humans are anxious,” said the first voice.

“Move the pride out. I’ll wait another moment before following,” the deep voice agreed.

Voices became urgent all around Renna, and then faded away. Warm breath kissed her cheek. Renna saw a faint glow of golden browns and whites above her, making her wonder if an angel was taking her to another place.

“You are a part of us now,” the deep voice crooned in her ear. “Thank you for risking your life to save one of ours. Take care little one, and be strong.”

The warmth disappeared, there was a brief silence, and then a wave of new voices rushed in.


Sage said...

So she survived a lion attack, and now she's with the lions? Interesting snippet

Ellen said...

Oohhh, now the crazy male lion hunting is starting to make sense :) Interesting! I'm wondering how she'll react when she's fully conscious, hehe

Bri said...

Oh wow, this is so intriguing! You have me wanting more :D

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Since I'm familiar with the book, I know how this fits in with the rest of the story, and I don't want to spoil it for others by commenting on that.

So I'll just say good job on setting up the questions about the lions.